Issue One, November 2021

Issue One is finally here! Pick up a copy to reading stunning tales of mayhem and merriment, from a jewelry heist gone wrong in Dawn Vogel's "The Shell Game" to the front lines of the howler war with João F. Silva in "The Cavalry." If poetry is more your speed, listen when the trees speak in "Ascenkin's Roots" by Ai Jiang and follow the wolves in Thomas Zimmerman's "Wolf Rune" to hear their song too.

We have wonderful fiction by Gabrielle Johansen and Annika Barranti Klein already available to read on our website, and the rest of the issue will go up on December 7th. But if you just can't wait to dive into A.T. Sayre's Weird-with-a-capital-W story "The Spot" about a man whose stomach begins to glow or Brian Hugenbruch's sonnet "The Opposite of Time," which takes us into the tempered void and beyond, then feel free to snag a copy through patreon or ko-fi!

Cover Artist: Luke Spooner

Luke Spooner is a freelance illustrator from South East England. Since graduating from Portsmouth University with a First-Class degree in illustration, Luke has worked on illustrations and covers for horror, science fiction and fantasy books, magazines, and graphic novels, and has also illustrated children’s’ books that aim to promote diversity and mindfulness in younger audiences. Notable projects for his darker, ‘Carrion House’ style have included art for stories by Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and Stephen King. Luke also acts as the illustrator for every instalment of Jay Wilburn’s ongoing Dead Song series of books.



Phosphor’s Circle by Annika Barranti Klein

Leaving Earth by Gabrielle Johansen

The Cavalry by João F. Silva

The Shell Game by Dawn Vogel

The Spot by A. T. Sayre


Wolf Rune by Thomas Zimmerman

Ascenkin's Roots by Ai Jiang

The Opposite of Time by Brian Hugenbruch