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send down the rain is no song when the belly goes to war

By the_people in Issue Six, September 2022

zephyr sings a lullaby into my body
that she may light my eyes and dulcify my tongue

don't listen to her—
⁠the aphorism of my stomach roared in hurt
and reluctantly, i was submerged in its words:
that a lay cannot quench the lust for bread
the lyrics to sweet melodies won't enchant
food into my ears when my body perishes for lack
of a real meal.
how does the wind's music heal me?
can she cast out the scars of drought's blade on my lips?
how does the wind's music birth waters?
waters—not the tears i drink, not the ichor that spills from my vulva.
i search for memories of a once beautiful land
but my eyes cleave to the art of stagnancy
because dawn and dusk have lost the heavens’ downpour
and even the rainmaker has begun to plead
send down the rain
the moment hunger gobbled up his pride

© 2022 the_people


Chukwuma-Eke Pacella, NGP Xv, is a Nigerian poet, a short story writer, an editor and a feminist. She is the winner of the Cradle poetry contest and joint winner of the FOW Poetry Contest. She is also a recipient of the 2022 Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors (Poetry) and a two-time finalist for the BKPW contest. Some of her works have appeared or are forthcoming on the Eunoia magazine, Brittle Paper, Synchronized Chaos Magazine, Last Leaves, Haven Spec, Cajun Mutt, Nixes Mate Review, Teen Lit Journal and elsewhere. She also have works on BPPC's anthologies, My rainbow books collection, Love portion anthology, Roses for cancer warriors, My Woven Poetry and others. She is a member of The HillTop Creative Arts Foundation and tweets @dancing_poet.

Poetry by the_people
  • Send down the rain is no song when the belly goes to war