Leaving Earth

By Gabrielle Johansen in Issue One, November 2021

She was only two when the now defunct U.S. government launched Skylab. Now she was pushing seventy-four, just below the waitlist cutoff to be on one of the last Mother Board Transports leaving Earth. A global consortium of corporations had decided no one above the age of seventy-five would be allowed to board. That would be it. Sayonara, Terra.

A few choices if she was left behind. Slow painful death by radiation poisoning or a quick company-sanctioned suicide, delivered via obscenely cheerful, virulently pink pills.

Jeannie knew what she wanted, and she was afraid of having her choices taken away.



Phosphor’s Circle by Annika Barranti Klein

Leaving Earth by Gabrielle Johansen

The Cavalry by João F. Silva

The Shell Game by Dawn Vogel

The Spot by A. T. Sayre


Wolf Rune by Thomas Zimmerman

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