About the Magazine

Haven Spec is a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories for a 21st century audience. We love stories with a sense of adventure, stories that teach us, that touch us, that leave us wanting more. We publish six issues every year, two of which (the DRY Issue and the WET Issue) are focused exclusively on the climate crisis and themes of displacement (very broadly defined).

The crisis facing our planet is immediate and all-encompassing, and it will affect people of color, people living in poverty, and the working classes most of all. The popular metaphor is going over a cliff, but we prefer the tempest, the torrent, the flood. The waters are rising, but we can save ourselves.

It's not too late.

About the Editor

Leon Perniciaro (he/him) is the editor of Haven Spec Magazine, an assistant editor at Android Press, and a submissions editor at Uncanny Magazine. He is also a member of SFWA and the Codex Writers' Group, and he will begin his studies as an English PhD student at the University of Connecticut this fall.

Originally from New Orleans, he now lives in New England, where he's terrified of both the climate crisis and the Great Filter.

About the Associate Editors

Ash Okada (she/they) is a speculative fiction writer and capital-N Nerd who is endlessly fascinated by story, languages, history, the human brain, and dinosaurs. Ash has worked an eclectic set of jobs over the years, from lit agency intern to video captioner and from executive assistant to bridge caddy (though not necessarily in that order), and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

When the weather's lousy, you can usually find Ash curled up with a massive cup of tea and a good book (or audiobook). When the weather's great...well, pretty much the same thing, if we're being honest.

TJ Price’s corporeal being (he/him) is currently located in Brooklyn, NY, with his handsome partner of many years, but his ghosts live in northeastern Connecticut and southern Maine. He either is or has been a wine-seller, a wine-drinker, an avid reader, an obsessive writer, a pen-and-ink artist, a dishwasher, a neurosurgical technologist, a proofreader, a storm-watcher, a music-maker, and other sundry avocations.

Primarily, TJ spends his time reading as much as his eyes can take, but when he's not reading, he's either writing weird stories about unnerving things, drawing lots of little circles in pen and ink, enjoying esoteric studies, or taking photographs of clouds.

Evelyn Freeling (she/her) is a speculative fiction writer with short fiction published in anthologies with Ghost Orchid Press and Dark Dispatch. She's also the editor for an erotic horror anthology titled Les Petites Morts. When she isn't writing, editing, studying craft, or reading, she works part-time as a chef, housecleaner, chauffeur, and clown (which really means she's a full-time mom).

Evelyn currently resides in Dubai and enjoys her free time at the beach. She alternates between obsessions with true crime documentaries, horror films, and watching Youtube videos about quantum mechanics.

Privacy Policy

We don't collect any information beyond simple analytics, and that's only to get a sense of how many people visit our site and access our content. Subscriptions and purchases are handled off-site, and that simplifies things nicely. We promise however to never sell any data that we collect, and this applies if you're visiting our site from anywhere on, above, or below the surface of the Earth, plus all the planets in all the solar systems in all the galaxies in this and any other universe from now until the last star fades.

We hope that clears things up.

Anti-Harassment Policy

We take harassment seriously. Any behavior that makes another person feel unsafe, harms another person, or causes another person distress is expressly forbidden. Any kind of intimidation or threatening behavior is expressly forbidden. Any harassing comment or attack based on age, citizenship status, disability, familial status, gender, gender expression or identity, geography, marital status, place of origin, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status is expressly forbidden. Any form of sexual harassment, regardless of circumstance or parties involved, is expressly forbidden.

If you feel that someone's participating in harassing behavior, please contact us with your concerns immediately. All complaints will remain anonymous.

This applies both to staff and all participants across all spaces curated by Haven Spec (including social media).

This page isn't meant to be an exhaustive list of dos and don'ts. We kindly ask that you use your brain. It's still harassment if you're "Just joking." it's still harassment if it's subtext and innuendo. It's still harassment whether scribbled in a notebook or written in the sky. If you're not sure what counts, there are many resources online, but err in all cases on the side of caution.

This anti-harassment policy was largely cribbed from that of the non-profit group Americans for the Arts. We aren't affiliated in any way.

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Use this power only for good.

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