Issue Five, July 2022

Issue Five is here! Join us at the world's spookiest traveling exhibit in "You Hope, Through Shivers and Sweat" by Elou Carroll or sit in on a book club with a very selective membership in "The Book Club at the End of the World" by Elizabeth Zuckerman. You might also consider how music connects us and what we owe to each other in P.A. Cornell's "Vinyl Wisdom," settle in for a tale of the four gentrifiers of the apocalypse in D.K. Lawhorn's "We, Downtown," or tinker in Brandon Crilly's "Constructed" with the relics of a fallen past, with hope in your heart those days will come again.

For poetry, feel the heat on your back in "Beneath the Flames" by Oyeleye Mahmoodah Temitope or sing out to those still trapped in the tower in Vanessa Fogg’s "Blood, Roses, Song." We’ve also got a new piece full of ritual and decay in the form of "We Greet the Solstice" by Avra Margariti, a meditation on the hellfires at the end of the world in "Introspection" by Alexander Etheridge, and an interrogation of space exloration in "The Artemis Accords*" by Lynne Sargent.

Issue Four, May 2022

This issue came together around concerns of the personal and the domestic, from the found family and magic of the truth in "The Calligrapher's Granddaughter" by Stewart C Baker to the physical toll of grief and loss in pieces like Elise Stephens's "Focal Point" and Jelena Dunato's "Heart of My Heart, Soul of My Soul." For something more capital-W Weird/body horror-y, we also have "Axolotol" by Atreyee Gupta, about body doubles and never feeling like you're enough, and Rebecca Angelo's "Resistant," in which Clark has a very bad day at the hands of the mind-source.

For poetry, you might consider the bleak wonder of Nnadi Samuel's "A Wreckful Planting of Small Pockets of Thirst" and Julie Allyn Johnson's "Behemoth," stare at the lights through your first floor apartment in Melissa Ridley Elmes's "Every Light a Threshold," or sink into the roots of pieces like "Tall Tales" by F. J. Bergmann and "Unearthen" by Carly Racklin aand cover yourself over with soil.

Issue Three, March 2022

Issue Three is now available! This is our very first DRY ISSUE, bringing you all the latest and greatest fiction and poetry dealing with the hotter aspects of the climate crisis. In stories like "Sworn Guardian" by Kimberly Christensen and "Hope: A Perspective from the Forest" by Tadayoshi Kohno, you'll find the ravages of fire burning through the forests and all the ways the creatures of this world, human and otherwise, fight back.

You might also pull up a chair at the Cambridge University archives on the hottest day in July in Meghan Kemp-Gee's "The End of the World," or consider exploring what happens when the water at last runs out and all we have left is our thirst in stories like "For the Remnants" by Belicia Rhea and "Chrysanthemum" by Erin Keating.

For poetry, you can dive into a world of mosquitos and fever dreams in "sestina for the summer solstice" by Claire McNerney, watch as the nymphs hightail it as the world around them withers and burns in "The Nymphs Are Migrating" by Madalena Daleziou, or stare into the void the Earth's become, "an embarrassing mess that no // one // wants to clean // up" in Marisca Pichette's "And it dries and dries."

Issue Two, January 2022

Issue Two is now available! In this issue, we have street kids trying their best to survive in Emmie Christie's "Touched" and the voice of the moors and the restless who are buried there in "We Are the Moor," written by Sylvia Heike and first published in Flash Fiction Online. Both stories are available now to read for free on our website!

We also have more terrific fiction in "Carolina" by Michael Haynes, "Lovey" by Christi Nogle, and "My Sparkle Alone Can't Cull Your Demons" by Eric Farrell, together with poetry by Avra Margariti in "Misconceptions Regarding the Moon," which considers the moon and all the magic there. These will be available to read for free on February 9th, but if you just can't wait, then you should feel free to snag a copy of the January/February issue through patreon or ko-fi today!

Issue One, November 2021

Issue One is finally here! Pick up a copy to reading stunning tales of mayhem and merriment, from a jewelry heist gone wrong in Dawn Vogel's "The Shell Game" to the front lines of the howler war with João F. Silva in "The Cavalry." If poetry is more your speed, listen when the trees speak in "Ascenkin's Roots" by Ai Jiang and follow the wolves in Thomas Zimmerman's "Wolf Rune" to hear their song too.

We have wonderful fiction by Gabrielle Johansen and Annika Barranti Klein already available to read on our website, and the rest of the issue will go up on December 7th. But if you just can't wait to dive into A.T. Sayre's Weird-with-a-capital-W story "The Spot" about a man whose stomach begins to glow or Brian Hugenbruch's sonnet "The Opposite of Time," which takes us into the tempered void and beyond, then feel free to snag a copy through patreon or ko-fi!

Issue Zero, September 2021

Haven Spec is a brand new online magazine publishing science fiction and fantasy stories and poems for the 21st century. We publish six issues a year, and we welcome diverse voices from around the world. Two of our issues will be focused on the climate crisis (see our guidelines for more!), and otherwise our issues will run the gamut of the SFF and weird spectra.

So grab a copy of Issue Zero (it's free!) and discover tales of magic powers passed down through the generations in "The Putnam Tradition" by Sonya Dorman, or what happens when pyramid schemes get out of hand in "The Snowball Effect" by Katherine MacLean! If poetry is more your speed, then check out "The Frozen Ocean" by Viola Meynell, in which the wide ocean takes a page from Bartleby the Scrivener, crosses its arms, and tells the world I would prefer not to.