by Eva Papasoulioti in Issue Sixteen, July 2024

We mooned our heart in orbit,
illuminated our paths with orchids
blooming in the dark, fertilized
with the fate of our star. If the sun
were the source of all life, our moon is
its soul, a new world curled around the old,
words of protection, a silver shine
of direction.

We tided our breath on our satellite,
crescented our faces to the bright
moonshine and took a step towards
the shelter of our small lunar
sentinel. Dag our legs in the sand,
took our friends by the hand, and
luciferined our future, made it glow
from the inside out.

We put our hopes to the endless night.
Selened our thoughts, our dreams,
our minds became an oxidized fall,
the gleaming side of the dusk, our eyes
lux, our bodies the beacon
for the magnetic fields
of change.

© 2024 Eva Papasoulioti

Eva Papasoulioti

Eva Papasoulioti is a Greek writer of speculative fiction and poetry. Her work has appeared in Uncanny, Strange Horizons, Solarpunk Magazine, Heartlines Spec, Radon Journal and elsewhere, and has been nominated for the Rhysling and Dwarf Stars Awards. She lives in Athens with her spouse and their two cats. You can find her on X/twitter and bluesky @epapasoulioti and on her blog plothopes.com.

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