Melissa Ridley Elmes

Melissa Ridley Elmes is a Virginia native currently living in Missouri in an apartment that delightfully approximates a hobbit hole. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Star*Line, Eye to the Telescope, Illumen, Spectral Realms, Reunion: The Dallas Review, In Parentheses, Gyroscope, and various other print and web venues, and her first collection of poems, Arthurian Things, was published by Dark Myth Publications in 2020.

Alexander Etheridge

Alexander Etheridge has been developing his poems and translations since 1998. His poems have been featured in Wilderness House Literary Review, Ink Sac, Cerasus Journal, The Cafe Review, The Madrigal, Abridged Magazine, Susurrus Magazine, The Journal, and many others. He was the winner of the Struck Match Poetry Prize in 1999.

Eric Farrell

Eric Farrell (he/his) lives in Long Beach, California, where he works as a beer vendor by day and speculative fiction author by night. His writing credits stem from a career in journalism, where he reported for a host of local and metro newspapers in the greater Los Angeles area. He runs the website and posts on Twitter @stygianspace. He has recent fiction in Etherea Magazine, Pulp Modern, and Synthetic Reality.

Vanessa Fogg

Vanessa Fogg dreams of selkies, dragons, and gritty cyberpunk futures from her home in western Michigan. She spent years as a research scientist in molecular cell biology and now works as a freelance medical writer. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Lightspeed, Podcastle, GigaNotoSaurus, The Future Fire, and Neil Clarke’s The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 4. Her short fantasy novelette, The Lilies of Dawn, is available from Annorlunda Books. A complete bibliography and more can be found at her website Vanessa is fueled by green tea.

Atreyee Gupta

Atreyee Gupta’s work has appeared in numerous venues including Apparition Lit, Arc Poetry, Bacopa Literary Review, Fireside, Jaggery, and Shooter Literary Magazine. Atreyee is a Pushcart nominee and has been published in several anthologies, such as Wayfinding from Finishing Line Press. Atreyee is the creator of Bespoke Traveler (, a digital alcove for curious explorers.

Michael Haynes

Michael Haynes lives in Central Ohio. An ardent short story reader and writer, Michael has had stories appear in periodicals such as Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Nature, and also in anthologies such as Deep Cuts, Not Our Kind: Tales of Not Belonging, and Kwik Krimes. He serves on the board of Rainbow Dublin and enjoys photography, cooking, watching ice hockey, and travel. His website is, and he can be found on Twitter as @mohio73.

Sylvia Heike

Sylvia Heike is a fantasy and science fiction writer from Finland. Her stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Online, PodCastle, Nature Futures, and more. When not writing, she likes to go hiking and looking for birds. To find out more, visit or say hello on Twitter @sylviaheike.

Brian Hugenbruch

Brian Hugenbruch is a speculative fiction author and poet living in Upstate NY with his wife and their daughter (and some unruly pets). By day, he writes information security programs to protect your data on (and from) the internet. His poetry has also appeared in Eye to the Telescope, Penumbric Spec, Liquid Imagination, and Apparition Lit. You can find him on Twitter @Bwhugen, on Instagram @the_lettersea, and at No, he’s not sure how to say his last name, either.

Ai Jiang

Ai Jiang is a Chinese-Canadian writer, an immigrant from Fujian, and an active member of HWA. She draws on cultures and landscapes of the lands she has walked for inspiration. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in F&SF, The Dark, Dark Matter, Prairie Fire, Hobart Pulp, among others. Find her on Twitter (@AiJiang_) and online (

Gabrielle Johansen

Gabrielle Johansen creates pieces of speculative fiction and fantasy from her Charlotte, NC home. While she was born in Boston, she has lived in the South most of her life. She has never developed an affinity for grits, but she does love biscuits. Gabrielle is an avid reader, boardgamer and sometime-crafter. Her main partners in all of the above are her wonderful husband and terrific kid. Sometimes her two cats try to join the games, but their strategies mostly consist of knocking pieces off the board.