Marisca Pichette

Marisca Pichette is an author of speculative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Further work by her has been published and is forthcoming in Strange Horizons, PseudoPod, Daily Science Fiction, Fireside, Uncharted, and PodCastle, among others. A lover of moss and monsters, she lives in Western Massachusetts.

TJ Price

TJ Price’s corporeal being (he/him) is currently located in Brooklyn, NY, with his handsome partner of many years, but his ghosts live in northeastern Connecticut and southern Maine. He either is or has been a wine-seller, a wine-drinker, an avid reader, an obsessive writer, a pen-and-ink artist, a dishwasher, a neurosurgical technologist, a proofreader, a storm-watcher, a music-maker, and other sundry avocations.

Primarily, TJ spends his time reading as much as his eyes can take, but when he's not reading, he's either writing weird stories about unnerving things, drawing lots of little circles in pen and ink, enjoying esoteric studies, or taking photographs of clouds.

Carly Racklin

Carly Racklin is a fantasy and horror writer, editor, and hobbyist illustrator currently nesting in the mountains of Tennessee with her friends, many plants, and the several families of birds that she feeds from her porch. She has written for a horror film festival and currently works in social media marketing. Her work has appeared in Metaphorosis Magazine, Mirror Dance, Luna Station Quarterly, and more. You can find more of her work at and follow her on Twitter @willowylungs.

Belicia Rhea

Belicia Rhea was born under a waning crescent moon in the Sonoran Desert. You can find her at and read more of her work published in Nightmare Magazine, Miracle Monocle, and Bending Genres, among other places.

Nnadi Samuel

Nnadi Samuel (he/him/his) holds a B.A in English and Literature from the University of Benin. His works have been previously published or is forthcoming in FIYAH, Fantasy Magazine, Star*Line Fiction & Poetry, Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine and elsewhere. He is also the winner of the Miracle Monocle Award for Ambitious Student Writers 2021 (University of Louisville), Penrose Poetry Prize 2021, Lakefly Poetry Contest 2021 (Wisconsin), International Human Right Arts Festival Award 2021, and Canadian Open Drawer contest 2020, and he received an honorable mention for the 2021 Betty L. Yu and Jin C. Yu Creative Writing Prize (College Category). He reads for U-Right Magazine and tweets @Samuelsamba10.

Lynne Sargent

Lynne Sargent is a writer, aerialist, and Ph.D Candidate in Applied Philosophy. They are the poetry editor at Utopia Science Fiction Magazine. Their work has been nominated for Rhysling, Elgin, and Aurora Awards and has appeared in venues such as Augur Magazine, Strange Horizons, and Daily Science Fiction. Their first collection, A Refuge of Tales, is out now from Renaissance Press. To find out more, reach out to them on Twitter @SamLynneS or for a complete bibliography visit them at

A. T. Sayre

A.T. Sayre has been writing in some form or other for over three-quarters of his life, ever since he was ten years old. From plays to poems, film scripts to graphic novels, he has tried them all, but has never strayed too far from his first true love, narrative fiction—specifically, speculative fiction.

His work has appeared in Analog, Utopia Science Fiction, Theaker’s Quarterly, and Andromeda Spaceways. A more detailed list of his publications can be found at

Born in Kansas City, raised in New Hampshire, he lives in Brooklyn and likes to read in coffeehouses.

João F. Silva

João F. Silva is a Portuguese writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy now based in the UK. When not writing, he can be found playing video games or cooking Portuguese food. He’s a member of the BSFA and was also on the jury for the Best Newcomer Award at the 2020 British Fantasy Awards.

Elise Stephens

Elise Stephens credits much of her storytelling influence to a lifelong love of theater and childhood globetrotting. Much of her work focuses on themes of family, memory, and finding hope after a devastating loss. She is a first-place winner of Writers of the Future (2019), and her fiction has appeared in Analog, Galaxy’s Edge, Escape Pod, Writers of the Future Vol 35, and FIYAH, among others. Elise lives with her family in Seattle in a house with huge windows to supply the vast quantities of light she requires to stay happy. Elise is currently seeking representation on her next science fiction novel. Find her at

Dawn Vogel

Dawn Vogel writes across many sub-genres of speculative fiction, depending on what mood strikes her. By day, she edits reports for historians and archaeologists. In her alleged spare time, she runs a craft business, co-runs a small press, and tries to find time for writing. Her steampunk adventure series, Brass and Glass, is available from DefCon One Publishing. She is a member of Broad Universe, SFWA, and Codex Writers. She lives in Seattle with her husband, author Jeremy Zimmerman, and their herd of cats. Visit her at