Haven Spec current issue

Issue Eleven, October 2023

Issue Eleven is here!

We've got:

Fiction by T. R. Siebert, James Parenti, Rajeev Prasad, Natalie Kikić, and A. R. Frederiksen!

Poetry by Sandra Pope, Connie La-Huynh, Gretchen Tessmer, • R L • powell, and Rebecca A. Demarest!

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Cover Artist: Lily Mac Hugh

LILY MAC HUGH is a writer, artist and librarian who received her MFA from Emerson College in 2023. She is the author of a number of speculative novels and short stories, ranging from werewolf coming of age stories, to punky fox cults and queer covens in Texas. When she isn't reading, writing, or drawing, she is wandering the woods with her Cerberus of a dog.