Haven Spec current issue

Issue Five, July 2022

Issue Five is here! Join us at the world's spookiest traveling exhibit in "You Hope, Through Shivers and Sweat" by Elou Carroll or sit in on a book club with a very selective membership in "The Book Club at the End of the World" by Elizabeth Zuckerman. You might also consider how music connects us and what we owe to each other in P.A. Cornell's "Vinyl Wisdom," settle in for a tale of the four gentrifiers of the apocalypse in D.K. Lawhorn's "We, Downtown," or tinker in Brandon Crilly's "Constructed" with the relics of a fallen past, with hope in your heart those days will come again.

For poetry, feel the heat on your back in "Beneath the Flames" by Oyeleye Mahmoodah Temitope or sing out to those still trapped in the tower in Vanessa Fogg’s "Blood, Roses, Song." We’ve also got a new piece full of ritual and decay in the form of "We Greet the Solstice" by Avra Margariti, a meditation on the hellfires at the end of the world in "Introspection" by Alexander Etheridge, and an interrogation of space exloration in "The Artemis Accords*" by Lynne Sargent.

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Cover Artist: Cindy Fan

Cindy Fan (she/her) is an illustrator born in Sichuan and currently based in Texas. Her work has been previously published in Khōréō, THIS Magazine, Strange Horizons, and more. Her website can be found at https://cind.ca/.