Haven Spec current issue

Issue Fourteen, March 2024

Spring has come to the Northern Hemisphere, and that means the birds are singing, the plants are blooming, and there's more great fiction and poetry to read! Spring is a time of renewal, a time of opening back up after the claustrophobia of winter, but it's not all sunshine and puppy dogs. A spectre is haunting us, like Marx and Engels said, but instead of communism, it's the deep and abiding dread of the climate crisis knocking on our doors. The March issue therefore is a special one, what we call our DRY ISSUE, and it's full of stories and poems meant to evoke a vision of a changing planet, a clarion call of catastrophe and hope. Here are the sins of our past and the bright songs of a painful and glorious future.

In this issue, you will find fiction by E.M. Linden, Ai Jiang, Crystal Lynn Hilbert, and Lucero Valdovinos, poetry by Temidayo Okun, Abdulkareem Abdulkareem, and P. H. Low, and short fiction reviews by Danai Christopoulou. Cover art is by Aimee Cozza.

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Cover Artist: Aimee Cozza

Aimee Cozza is a freelance illustrator out of New England. She graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in illustration. Aimee primary creates digital dark-beautiful illustrations based on the surreal and unsettling. Her most common subjects are space, extraterrestrial worlds, fantastical beings, creatures, and ominous, off-putting subjects. She explores themes such as duality, disconnection, doomed romance, perception of space and time, mental illnesses often not spoken of, trauma, and the uphill battle against stereotypes. She also is an aspiring writer and is co-author of an urban sci-fi/fantasy novel.