Issue Zero, September 2021

Haven Spec is a brand new online magazine publishing science fiction and fantasy stories and poems for the 21st century. We publish six issues a year, and we welcome diverse voices from around the world. Two of our issues will be focused on the climate crisis (see our guidelines for more!), and otherwise our issues will run the gamut of the SFF and weird spectra.

So grab a copy of Issue Zero (it's free!) and discover tales of magic powers passed down through the generations in "The Putnam Tradition" by Sonya Dorman, or what happens when pyramid schemes get out of hand in "The Snowball Effect" by Katherine MacLean! If poetry is more your speed, then check out "The Frozen Ocean" by Viola Meynell, in which the wide ocean takes a page from Bartleby the Scrivener, crosses its arms, and tells the world I would prefer not to.

We've included stories and poetry from such literary giants as Edna St. Vincent Millay, William Butler Yeats, and Mary Shelley, but if you're in the mood to try something new (or at least new to you!), discover a new favorite writer from the early 20th century in T.D. Hamm, Miriam Allen deFord, or Alfred Noyes!

We're happy you're here–that you open the site, that you read this page, that you're giving us a chance. Check out our Patreon and Ko-Fi for great benefits and to support a magazine with a mission you can get behind, and remember: the future belongs to all of us!

Cover Artist: Albert Robida

Albert Robida (14 May 1848 – 11 October 1926) was a French illustrator, caricaturist, and novelist. His science fiction trilogy explored what life would be like in the distant future of 1955, where we'd be flying around in tubes high above the city and spending all our free time watching TV on our Téléphonoscope. He was half right.

This cover is part of a larger work called "Paris at Night," in which the people of Paris are flying through the sky on metal ships shaped like fish, and we ask ourselves how we ended up in the wrong timeline. The image was first publish in Paris in 1883 and is in the public domain.