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Lunar Maria

By Eva Papasoulioti in Issue Nine, June 2023

the moon doesn’t have shores
it reflects waves, waits
for the tide

have you ever seen the sea on fire?
skin propagates flame like water distorts

five oceans burned to the ground
all we ever wanted, a tree branch,
to deep our feet in chlorophyll and –
now, all we have is bitter salt
and shuttered glass

in some futures glass turns oxygen
to carbon dioxide
in this one, a green and blue polarity
oxidizes everything we plant,

if we could, we’d spit a sea
on the moon, cough
an oak in the dark side of our ego
our bones redolent of mistakes
of memories, of mosaic muscles

did you know, if we fill our lungs
with moondust
sunlight promises to quench our thirst when
our tongues turn seaweed

© 2023 Eva Papasoulioti

Eva Papasoulioti

MahmooEva Papasoulioti is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry. She lives in Athens, Greece, with her spouse and their two cats, and translates words for a living. Her work has appeared in Uncanny Magazine, Solarpunk Magazine, Syntax & Salt, Polu Texni and elsewhere. You can find her on twitter @epapasoulioti and on her blog plothopes.com.

Poetry by Eva Papasoulioti
  • Lunar Maria