Picture This

By Monica Louzon in Issue Eight, March 2023

waves crashing over us
i said goodbye to your

         two hands cupping a prismatic star
         shining lighthouse bright
         over dark, indigo waters
         refracting on the

         tide rising beneath our feet

sea foam washing over our toes
i said goodbye to your

         two hands plunging a prismatic star
         headlong into the ocean
         phosphorous sparkling in the deep
         lightning on the horizon

     summoning me to breathe freely

clams spitting up water and wet sand,
i said goodbye to your

         two hands lifting a prismatic star
         through Scorpio, Jupiter,
         the Milky Way

i said


                   to your hands

i said


© 2023 Monica Louzon

Monica Louzon

Monica Louzon (she/her) is a queer, Maryland-based writer, translator, and editor. Her words have appeared in Apex Magazine, After the Storm, Dark Recesses, Paranoid Tree, Shoreline of Infinity, and others. She is Acquiring Editor for The Dread Machine. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @molo_writes.

Poetry by Monica Louzon
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