They Named Me Diana

by Emmie Christie in Issue Fifteen, May 2024

They named me Diana,
they vilify me on their news reports,
they say that I’m insane, a category five
of wind and spinning rain, and they’re right
to run away from my madness if that’s
truly what it is, yeah, I’m a crazy bitch,
if bitch means a slow accumulation,
a fossilization of frustration,
a dendrochronology of all the things
built up over the years, the gathered tears
and tree rings of the ostracized—
I have receipts of all the times
they ignored my warning signs,
when my currents should have scared them,
but they said I was a phase, a passing
normal thing, and when they tried to ride
their boat through me, I was not silent
enough for their pleasure. Slurs tell on
the ugliness of the speaker, yeah, they
called me a slut for speaking up, for
swirling too fast, for my glacier-fed
waters swelling too high, and when
they tried to pass through the center
of my storm without an offering, well,
I am a hurricane—a category five—
I expect some form of drowning.

© 2024 Emmie Christie

Emmie Christie

Emmie Christie’s work includes practical subjects, like feminism and mental health, and speculative subjects, like unicorns and affordable healthcare. Her portal fantasy novel A Caged and Restless Magic debuted February 2024. She has been published in Daily Science Fiction, Infinite Worlds Magazine, and Flash Fiction Online, among others. She also narrates audiobooks for Audible and loves bringing stories to life out loud as well as on the page. Find her at www.emmiechristie.com, her monthly newsletter, or on TikTok.

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