Blood, Roses, Song

By Vanessa Fogg in Issue Five, July 2022

Roses without thorns, blooming and wet with dew.
A garden of sweetness
A song without bitterness
A bird pouring out its heart at dawn
Song pure and weightless in the trembling air.

We Greet the Solstice

By Avra Margariti in Issue Five, July 2022

Inside extant skulls of extinct giants
We’ve made our homes for many a summer
Solstice. Wildflower wreaths, crowns, garlands
Ornament the colorlessness of bone,
Our way of giving thanks to the earth
For not having annihilated our kind just yet.

The Artemis Accords*

By Lynne Sargent in Issue Five, July 2022

Like old kings come together
in agreement of a contest
so long as the princess-prize
goes home with one of them.

Beneath the Flames

By Oyeleye Mahmoodah Temitope in Issue Five, July 2022

The rain basks in humid slumber, whilst grandma’s roses wilt—
Hearth of earth wallows in defeat
and I stay lost and bare⁠—


By Alexander Etheridge in Issue Five, July 2022

Hell-storm overtaking the hills,
the blistering winds come forever now.


By Carly Racklin in Issue Four, May 2022

Last summer I buried a body under the apple tree
and every now and then I see the ghost plucking weeds
and picking seeds from his teeth.
He spits them at my window at night.

Tall Tales

By F. J. Bergmann in Issue Four, May 2022

The best place we ever lived
had a really big tree. More than five stories
shadowed the backyard.

At first they were short
and simple: moralistic fables or fairy tales


By Julie Allyn Johnson in Issue Four, May 2022

Watch as I tend
these ice-blue flames,
poking and prodding
every faltering gash.

Every Light a Threshold

By Melissa Ridley Elmes in Issue Four, May 2022

Through the blinds of my ground-level apartment
I see the flash of red taillights; someone’s car
backing into a parking space, sending forth a
sudden claret flare like aliens landing in the night.

A Wreckful Planting of Small Pockets of Thirst

By Nnadi Samuel in Issue Four, May 2022

I run out of ways to keep you urgent in my mouth,
stomach your shouting relic.
so, when grief comes for an unburial, unearthing you into the forgotten,
I stuff you under my tongue.